The Mandana stone company is a big scale manufacturer of natural stones such as Red Mandana sandstone, Granite, Polished Mandana Stone, Marble, Dholpur Sandstones, Mandana Red Sandstone, Mandana Red, Agra red stone and Kota stone are among the products we provide. We are producing all these products in a variety of shapes and sizes, including tumbles, slabs, cobbles, blocks and so on. Our company operates highly automated quarries that produce highest-grade materials. We are using advanced technology at Mandana Stone Company, which is supported by a group of highly skilled workers that strive for innovation and perfection.









Mandana Stone Properties


High Chemical And Stain Resistant

Red Mandana stone is highly resistant of chemicals, acids and stains. The stone has the ability to resist the absorption of any chemicals which makes it suitable for a lot of industries such as dairy units, ice cream manufacturing units, sea food industries, sugar industries, soda manufacturing units, batteryrooms,medicalunits, landscaping and many more.

Lowest Water Absorption

Mandana sandstone is non porous and resistant to liquids which makes it a hygienic option for humid areas.As the stone absorbs little to no water, this stone is mostly used in rainy areas where the floor becomes more prone to slip.

Robust In Nature/ Suitable For Heavy Loads

Red Mandana sandstone is naturally occurring limestone which is hard, durable and robust in nature which makes it suitable for heavy traffic areas and mainly for the construction sites where the chances of breakage and destruction are increased.

Fire Resistant

There are a lot of construction materials to get fire protection but amongst all mandana stonesare considered the best building material for prevention of raging fire.Because of the versatility in finishing techniques and colours, you don’t need to compromise on the beauty of your houseto get proper fire protection.

Long Service Life

The term long service life describes a products’ total shelf life, the periods of time after the product need to replace or it starts degrading. The naturally occurred stones are highly durable that is why it can remain indifferent to any weather changes and have long life span. A lot of monuments in India are made of this natural Mandana stone and still in a great condition.

Anti Static

This sandstone is anti static in nature which makes it suitable for computer rooms and electronic equipment rooms. The anti static term refers to any product, which reduces or prevents the buildup of static electricity.

Weather Resistant

The stone is considered weather resistant as it can withstand exposure to rains, winds and sun as well. The sheen and colour will not fade after a long period of time, which is why the mandana red stone is labeledas timeless flooring options.

Easy To Maintain

The Mandana stone flooring does not require any extra efforts to maintain its beauty and hygiene. The cleaning process of mandana red sandstone flooring is so easy that you just need to use soda ash or any detergent and wipe it with a damp cloth and that’s it. Daily scratches and dirt can easily be vanished with wet moping.
Infra – Structure

From Mines to Your Floor We cater to Everything

Mandana Stone Company possesses state-of-the-art-technology backed by a team of highly qualified professionals striving for innovation and quality. The company has highly mechanized quarries producing the best quality of materials. Our stock yard has a ready stock of more than 50,000 100 container loads) of stones of varying dimension.

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Our mines are spread over area of 10 hectare and have deployed all modern machinery for excavation. We have concerns towards our environment.
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Our Factory is equipped with 4 double pillar splitters, 2 Single pillar splitters, 5 Table polishers, 3 calibration machines and 4 double edge cutting machines.Read More
Our Stockyard is located just outside mining area and spreads over 3 Hectare. We have a ready stock of more than 50000 sqmt available at any time of the year.Read More

Product Range

We are the only Legal Lease Holders of Acid Proof Red Mandana Flagstone mines. We produce and supply all sizes stone tiles, slabs, covings, large stone blocks, ready to fit ties, cobbles, tubmles, natural and polished tiles.


We are quarrying Red Mandana Sandstone large size blocks as per demand…
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Mandana Sandblast Tiles

Red Mandana can be supplied by us in sand blast finish . This is suitable…
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Mandana Extra Large Slabs

Red Mandana Natural slabs hand splited form the blocks can be supplied…
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Mandana Polished Tiles

We provide Acid Resistant Red Mandana Polished Tile for both Domestic…
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Mandana Brushed Tiles

Mandana Red in Brushed Polish Can be supplied by us . Brush Polish …
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Natural Hand Cut

We are regular exporter & supplier to all exporter of Natural Handcut in both over & under Sizes.
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Mandana Tumbles

We have state of art tumble facility & can tumble slabs up to size 3ft x 2 ft….
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Mandana Cobbles

Cobbles of various dimension as per your requirement can be made on order in both Polished….
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MSC has satisfied the requirements of countless buyers across the Globe. The entire manufacturing process takes place under the direct supervision of quality inspectors. It ensures the best. We boast of a large number satisfied Multi National Companies as our clients.
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Mandana Stone Company

Mandana Stone Company is a primary destination for fine quality naturally occurring stones. Here, we offer a wide range of limestone, sandstones, marble, and granite to enhance the elegance and allure of your space. Quality assurance to committed delivery; we take pride in being a trusted name in the Natural stone industry.

At Mandana Stone Company, we understand the importance of quality products, which is why we source our stones from our quarries, ensuring that each of our customers receives the quality material of the highest standards of durability, aesthetics, and sustainability. We believe every natural stone we excavate has its unique tint and charm and it should carefully shipped to its destination without compromise.

We have quality control teams who make sure that each piece of Natural rock entering the inventory should pass all the quality standards. We have numerous sized and finished stones in our warehouse to fulfill every individual style and preference, whether it’s the most demanding brown Kota limestone or aesthetically alluring red stone.

As an environment-conscious company, we prefer sustainable practices. We always ensure that our operations have the lowest impact on the environment. We are committed to operations, which help improve ecosystems such as plantations. By buying goods from our Company, you can trust that you are getting beautiful gems of Nature to enhance the beauty of your space without compromising on the environment also your loved one’s health.

Here, we provide exceptional quality products to homeowners, Architects, Artisans, Contractors, and Designers. Our Experienced and knowledgeable team of experts are manufacturing the best one can have. Experience the timeless beauty of Natural Stones at Mandana Stone Company and give us a chance to enhance the charm of your space with our elegant stones.

Red Mandana Stone

The Phenomenal beauty of Mandana Stone is extraordinary. It captivates the beholder with its deep hues. Mandana stone is a gorgeous stone with numerous physical and chemical properties. The Red stone was massively used in ancient times because of its dark red hue and its durability and strength. The Red colour was considered the symbol of Strength and power, which is why a lot of warriors in the early age used this stone for making their domains.

Red Mandana Stone has diverse application areas due to its exceptional durability. The Natural texture and colour of Mandana Red Stone are eye-catching and exquisite but polishing increases its appearance and sheen to the next level. Red Mandana Sandstone has established its space in the construction, architectural, and interior designing world as its vibrant colour and individual patterns and texture is a favorable choices.

The use of the Red Mandana is mainly preferable for temples as the Red colour of the Mandana stone is considered Holy and is a symbol of strength and power in Indian culture. The Colour does not fade in different weather conditions and the strength of the stone increases the durability of the structure.

No one should be surprised to know that the Red Mandana Stone is the first choice for making the most awaited Temple of India, “The Ayodhya Ram Mandir”. The Mandana stone will be used for the outer cladding of the Ram Mandir to increase its strength and charm. The Red Stone is even be used for flooring as it has unique physical properties which makes it a better choice amongst others.

Mandana Stone Flooring

In the world of manmade tiles and artificial stones, the timeless elegance of naturally occurring Mandana Stone is unmatchable. Now, when everyone is playing with different kinds of stones for flooring ideas, the Mandana stone of Rajasthan stands out for its sustainable Charm and unique blend of texture and hues.

Red Mandana stone floorings have been used for centuries, for residences, temples, and even for the domains of warriors. Even in the modern world, the Mandana stone is still a popular choice for flooring worldwide.

Red sandstone or popular as red Mandana is a sedimentary rock composed of calcium carbonate. The Presence of iron oxide in the composition is responsible for its deep red tone. The stone is renowned for its robust nature, which makes it durable and an ideal choice for outdoor uses. Mandana stone is weather-resistant and slip-resistant stone which is why it has been used for centuries for exterior floorings and cladding purposes.

Red Mandana stone flooring is magnificent yet easy to maintain. Regularly sweeping and moping with plain water is more than enough to maintain its charm. The stone naturally has thermal properties, which helps in maintaining temperature indoors. Red Mandana stone flooring is versatile and can seamlessly integrate, into various designs and themes.

The red Mandana is an eco-friendly choice to install, as it won’t harm your loved ones and the environment as well. The Artificially made floorings are made of using a lot of harmful chemicals, which are not good for mankind. When installed indoors the flooring leaches that chemicals into our environment, which enters into our systems, while breathing and caused numerous health hazards. That is why choosing the right flooring option is crucial. Mandana stone resists the growth of harmful microorganisms, promoting a healthier living environment.

Installation and Maintenance of Mandana stone Flooring

Installation of Red Mandana stone can either be dry or wet-laid, depending on the requirements of the project. Experienced professionals should carry out the Installation to ensure a flawless finish. Proper sealing during installation helps enhance the stone’s longevity and resilience against stains and moisture.

The Maintenance process of Red Mandana stone flooring is effortless. Regular sweeping of the floor and moping using plain water or a mild detergent are essential to prevent the accumulation of dirt and debris and retain the stone’s natural sheen. Never use harsh chemicals or acidic cleaners, as they may damage the stone’s surface over time and cause changes in its Natural Red Colour.