Mandana Stone Cobbles

Cobbles made of Mandana stone are enduring, sleek in design, and economical. Red Mandana stone cobbles are sturdy, crack-resistant, and provide an acid-resistant surface. These cobblestones can be carved into

numerous shapes. As this stone is a natural stone, the structures made with this stone last for many years without degrading. By using Mandana sandstone cobbles, one can easily add value to their yard by giving the walkways a beautiful, upscale appearance. To give your space the style of your choice, you can choose from a variety of sizes and finishes.

Available finishes

Hand cut:
These cobblestones can be manually cut into two distinct ways depending on the intended use. One is a straight cut finish, which works well for constructing foundations, retaining walls, and wall cladding. The other is a tapered cut finish, which is preferred for garden areas, porches, paths, and pavement.

Machine cut:
With the help of different machineries these cobblestones can be cut in several sizes with straight finish.

The edges of cobblestones can be curved with a tumbled finish to give them an aged and classic appearance. This is best suited for individuals who desire an old castle effect for their home and wish to have lavish but beautiful gardens or walkways.


The sizes of our Mandana stone cobbles are customizable. Some of the available sizes are

4*4, 5*5, 6*6, 7*7, 8*8, 9*9, 10*10, 11*11, 12*12,

The thickness of the Mandana stone cobbles can vary from 1 inch to 4 inches, and they can either be rectangular or square in shape.