Mandana Tumbles

Mandana tumblers have a rounded edge and a smooth face. Tumbling process make the corners of these stones rounded and gives them the ancient vintage appearance. The tumbling process, giving the stone an appealing finish, also highlights the unique pitting in the stone. The round edged stones used to be used in ancient times, which gives a place nice contemporary and classy look with durability and long life. Red Mandana stone tumblers have outstanding durability, which makes it ideal for driveways, walkways, patio and pool decks and floorings and many more.

Mandana tumbled bricks

The mandana stone tumbled bricks are water resistant and stain resistant. Which makes it best choice for outdoors. The stone bricks give classic rustic finishing touch to any place because of the brownish colour and natural unique surface, which gives time worn appearance and adds unique aesthetic appeal to the place. Anti skid surface makes it good choice for rainy places as well.

Mandana stone bricks are versatile in application and easy to install. The use of red Mandana sandstone tumbled bricks complements your home’s interior and substantially boosts your home’s style. It gives the high-end look to any place.

The tumbled stone bricks are anti skid, which makes it ideal for various purposes like landscaping, pool surrounds, garden patios etc.

Wall cladding with Mandana tumbled bricks

The tumbling process makes every brick different from each other. When using for cladding these bricks aesthetically makes any wall beautiful and unique. The consistent appealing colours of Mandana sandstone add character to the place. With minimal efforts the appearance of your house could be easily enhanced.

Tile Size

30x30cm, 60x30cm, 60x60cm, 60x90cm