In mining process, we get bigger size stone blocks from earth andslabs are cut from these bigger stones giving each piece a distinctive texture. Naturally split Mandana stone slabs have rough surface, which adds character to any floor if used in its original form.

Alternatively these blocks can be processed on block cutter machines, producing smooth finish slabs.

Red Mandana stone slabs are generally used for flooring because this stone is unaffected by acids and harsh chemicals. Bigger slabs mean fewer joints, which creates an illusion of bigger space. The popularity of mandana sandstone as an industrial flooring option is increasing rapidly as it gives the desired and distinctive look with lower and easy maintenance.

The slabs can be simply used for staircases, as these stone slabs are customizable. Even the surface could be finished as per the requirements.

Wall cladding with Red Mandanasandstone will give the extra layer of protection to the place with fabulous and unique aesthetic appeal. This Sandstone can withstand in any weather conditions which quality makes it perfect choice for outer wall cladding.

Mandana red stone slabs are becoming more popular as table and counter tops now days. No doubt, using natural stone as tabletops is timeless design choice, which will give a luxurious look, and it is easily available in customizable shapes and sizes. More of that Mandana natural stone is environment friendly and durable. It will definitely make a great impression as nothing can match the timeless beauty of natural Mandana sandstone.


Gang saw Size :

Length : 8ft- 12ft Height : 3.5ft – 5ft x Thickness : As per requirement.
Standard Ready Available Thickness is 20 mm

Cutter Size :

Length : 4ft- 12ft Height : 2ft -3ft x Thickness : As per requirement.
Standard Ready Available Thickness is 20 mm