The Mandana stone company produces blocks of Mandana sandstone in large quantities. We even export Red Mandana stone blocks on a big scale. Mandana blocks are used to build benches, plinths, sculptures, barriers, sturdy bollards, and monuments. Blocks made of Red Mandana sandstone are also used for retaining walls and landscaping because they are sturdy and versatile in preventing erosion. Even the Dam walls are built using the stone blocks, as they are durable and strong. The textures and colour variations of the blocks are distinctive. Mandana stone blocks can be used for both commercial and residential purpose.


Gangsaw Block Size

260x160x100 cm up to 280x180x100 cm
300x190x120 cm up to 300x200x100 cm

Cutter Block Size

180x70x60 cm up to 240x70x60 cm