Mandana sandstone bricks

Mandana stone bricks are durable so they could last for many years without degrading. As this stone is acid resistant, use of Mandana sandstone bricks for outer wall cladding or walkways and garden patios would be the best choice as the stone will be indifferent to the acidic rains and weather changes so using these natural stone bricks for building foundations, pathways, driveways and wall claddings will ensure you with the minimal replacement cost. Interior wall cladding with Mandana red stone bricks can exceptionally enhance the visual appearance and adds value to the structure.

Mandana stone bricks are available in different sizes and colour tones.


These bricks are available in grey, reddish brown, dark red and chocolate brown colours.


For building foundations, walls and claddings, straight cut bricks are used. These bricks are properly cut by machines for getting the straight and perfect corners for easy use.

On the other hand, for walkways, patios and paving, tapered cut bricks are appropriate. The base of these brick is slightly lesser than the upfront length. This shape makes these bricks ideal as paving stones.


Bricks made of RedMandana stone are offered in the following dimensions based on width, height and length.

  • Width is constant as 4 cm.
  • The range in height is 6 to 8 cm.
  • Length is customizable. Ideal lengths are 22.5cm, 27.5cm, 32.5cm, 32cm, and 29 cm.