We are the only Legal Lease Holders of Acid Proof Red Mandana Flagstone mines. We produce and supply all sizes stone tiles, slabs, covings, large stone blocks, ready to fit ties, cobbles, tubmles, natural and polished tiles.

Mandana Brushed Tiles

Brushed surfaces are given a finish that gives the natural stone a textured appearance while retaining the stone’s natural colour. These surfaces usually have a velvety luster to them. They do not reflect or shine as brightly as polished surfaces. Brushed finishes seal the pores of the stone, effectively concealing fingerprints, water stains, and smudges, . It is soft to the touch and adds character to counters with the finish.

Mandana Polished Tiles

The natural stone is repeatedly treated with abrasives to produce a polished finish, resulting in a glossy, mirror-like surface. This procedure essentially conceals the porosity of the stone while bringing out its inherent colures and character.
A polished finish has the benefit of increasing the stone’s general durability. Polished finished tiles work well for indoors flooring

Mandana Sandblast Tiles

Sandblasting is the process of repeatedly blasting stone with an air pistol that contains an abrasive substance like silica sand to create a matte-textured surface finish. This gives the stone a rough appearance and may even soften its colour. Sandblasting has the benefit of giving the stone a certain amount of slip resistance, which makes it the perfect finish for exterior floors.

Mandana Honed Finish Tiles

Various machineries are used to smooth down the stone’s surface to give Mandana red stone a honed finish, which brings the texture of the stone’s surface uniformity and consistency. Honed treatments have a smooth, non-reflective, satiny shine, matte finish and are utilized for both interior stone surfaces and exterior stone surfaces.

Mandana Natural Finish

A natural split finish is authentic natural stone with a split stone appearance. The stone is not processed in any manner once it is harvested from the quarry. It is simply split into slabs and sold as is on the market. The final appearance of the stone is determined by its natural appearance, and because it is natural, no two stones will look same