Acid Proof Epoxy Wholesale

MANDANA® 2000 Industrial Epoxy Grout is highly chemical resistant industrial and food grade epoxy grout for Mandana Stone. Mandana® 2000 Industrial Epoxy Grout is supplied as factory proportioned kits consisting of epoxy resin, hardener, and chemical resistant silica filler.

Why we should use supreme quality epoxy grouting?

To fill the gap between two adjoining tiles, we use Epoxy Grout so the liquids, acids and food particles do not seep through the gaps and spoil the base of the flooring.
If we do not use Epoxy Grout then the purpose of Acid Resistant flooring is defeated. With use of better quality Epoxy Grout we can save a lot of harm as in spoiling of the flooring or the products, which are placed in that areas.

For example, In dairy units, if the milk seeps through these gaps and starts piling up there, the continuously seeping milk will start rotting below the surface which will generate bad odor and bacteria formation, that can contaminate the good milk which is placed in containers and its products.
Same goes for food industries, where food particles starts accumulating in the base of flooring and starts rotting with time, which after some time can pollute the food products of that room.

In battery rooms, the Acids and strong chemicals seeping through the gaps could damage the flooring and the flooring has to be replaced briefly.

With use of Mandana® 2000 Industrial Epoxy Grout , the level of floor can be maintained easily and the fluids which fall on the floor can straightly go to the drainage. With proper filling of gaps you can easily clean the floor with soda ash and water.


This novel epoxy rein base grout/joints-filling compound is supplied in a three parts mortar – resin, curing agent and specially formulated powder – packed in the proper ratio for easy mixing and handling. This EPOXY GROUT exhibits excellent adhesion to concrete/tile/brick/stone surfaces, providing permanent, sanitary, chemical resistant joints that will not shrink. The consistency of EPOXY GROUT permits it to be used for walls, cove base an as a bedding material for setting tiles, bricks, stones etc.


The EPOXY GREOUT is resistant to many acids, alkalis, oils, fats, salts, greases, cleaning agents, detergents, many food processing residues, wastes and bacteria have no effect on the EPOXY GROUT.


• The EPOXY GROUT posse’s excellent Bond – Compression – Tensile – Flexural & Impact strength.
• Very low to non-shrink properties.
• Non-porous.


Joints of tile, brick, stone laid in sand/cement mortar, acid resistant mortar, thin set epoxy mortar can be easily filled with this EPOXY GROUT.

After mixing, EPOXY GROUT is placed on the surface of tile/brick/stone and grouted into open joints using steel/rubber trowel. The final pass should be made diagonally to ensure full flush joints with minimum grout residue remaining on the surface of the tile, brick or stone surface. Allow it to set for 15 minutes and then wipe water damp sponge roller or suitable tool and clean the surface properly.


Pharmaceutical, Dairies, Packing, Soft-Drink Mfg., Textile, Confectioners, Food & drug Laboratories etc.


Kitchens, Fast food processing & franchise, Cafeterias, Shopping malls, offices, Rest Rooms


• High temperature resistance and steam cleanable
• High resistance to most acids, corrosives and solvents
• Fast curing, ready for traffic in 10 to 12 hours
• Anti-bacterial and anti-fungal
• Water cleanable
• Fast curing
• Cures at low temperature