Red Mandana Mines Videos

We are the only Legal Lease Holders of Acid Proof Red Mandana Flagstone mines. We produce and supply all sizes stone tiles, slabs, covings, large stone blocks, ready to fit ties, cobbles, tubmles, natural and polished tiles.

Eco Friendly Mining process

Mining process

Removal of plants and soil

After choosing the right place for mining,we need to remove the plants and upper layers of soil to start the actual mining process.
Mining process

Placing explosives to remove the unwanted stone

With the help of mechanical tools the holes are made in the rock and explosives are placed and blasted with required safety precautions. This way we remove the unwanted layers of Mandana natural stone.
Mining process

Digging out the crushed sandstone chunks

After the explosion took place, the crushed stone layers are removed from the mining place and stocked to use it afterwards for the reclamation process of the selected area.
Mining process

Quarrying and processing the stone

Now using wires and machineries, thestonesareseparatedfrom the rocks and cut into blocks for further processing. The stone blocks go through different process to achieve the desired finish, shape and size to fulfill the requirements.
Mining process

Reclamation or backfilling themines

With sandstone chunks, soil and stocked unwanted rocks we backfill the cavity to the ground level so the mining process won’t cause any harm to the earth and to the mankind as well.
Mining process


After refilling the cavity to the ground our organization plant trees as well as help the government in plantation so the mining process wouldn’t disturb the climate of the area.