Product Range

We are the only Legal Lease Holders of Acid Proof Red Mandana Flagstone mines. We produce and supply all sizes stone tiles, slabs, covings, large stone blocks, ready to fit ties, cobbles, tubmles, natural and polished tiles.

Red Mandana Stone Blocks

The Mandana stone company produces blocks of Mandana sandstone in large quantities. We even export Red Mandana stone blocks on a big scale.
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Mandana Stone Large Slabs

Red Mandana Natural slabs hand splited form the blocks can be supplied by us as per your requirement
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Red Mandana

Acid Resistant Sandstones

Mandana stone is dark red or cacao-coloured sandstone with rustic visual effects. This stone is mainly known for its acid-resistant ability, which makes it ideal for numerous industrial uses. The Mandana stone is also suitable for heavy loads as it is robust and durable in nature. The Mandana stone‘s weather-resistant ability makes it perfect for your outdoor areas.
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Mandana Tumbles

We have state of art tumble facility & can tumble slabs up to size 3ft x 2 ft. Few of our tumbled products are
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Mandana Cobbles

Cobbles of various dimension as per your requirement can be made on order in both Polished & Natural Surface.
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Water Wipable Epoxy Grout For Joint Filling Compound

Acid Proof Epoxy Wholesale

A very easy to use epoxy resin based material for grouting/joints-filling material for ceramic & vitreous tile, glaze tile, acid resistant bricks & tiles, Kota Stone, Red Mandana Stone, Granite and Marble.
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Sandstone Covings

Corners gives rise to bacterial,fungal or insect growth. Red Mandana Covings are used in corners…
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Red Mandana Bricks

Mandana stone bricks are durable so they could last for many years without degrading….
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